SLIP Questions

Will my user account from the previous online system still work in SLIP?

Answer: No, you will need to have a new user account created specifically for you in SLIP.

How do I create my SLIP user account?

Answer: SLIP user accounts are created and maintained by your brokerage’s SLIP administrator. SLIP brokerage administrators are created by the Nevada Surplus Lines Association. If your brokerage does not have a SLIP administrative user account, please contact us at

Can I modify a Policy Number?

Answer: Yes, a policy number may be modified provided the policy in question has no other registered transactions. If you need to change the policy number on a policy that contains other registered transaction, then a new policy record should be created.

What is a registered transaction?

Answer: A policy transaction is registered if it has been reviewed by Nevada Surplus Lines Association, deemed to be properly reported, and accepted.

What is included in Taxable Fees?

Answer: Policy fees include all taxable fees associated with a transaction, but does not include the stamping fee. Taxable Fees are those fees charged by the insurer, broker fees (allowed under NRS 685A.155), policy fees, membership fees, inspection fees and any other fees or assessments charged by the insurer as consideration for the insurance. This amount should not include the state tax or NSLA stamping fee.

Will system users from other brokerages be able to view or access my data?

Answer: No, the data your brokerage submits through SLIP is secure and is only accessible to your brokerage’s SLIP users.

How do I update my surplus lines license expiration date?

Answer: We receive license renewal updates from the Nevada Division of Insurance and update broker license expiration dates regularly. However, if you receive an error message stating “Ineligible or Unknown Broker” contact us at to update.

Does Nevada accept batch filings?

Answer: Nevada SLIP is not currently set up to receive batch filings.